For those looking for a competent, fun racer on the Playstation Vita, look no further than Asphalt Injection. The Asphalt franchise has been a staple in the racing genre for a long time, and with the launch of a new platform comes the latest game in the series. Asphalt Injection comes with lots of great features, including lots of cars, licensed brands, and plenty of tracks to choose from. Though this title doesn’t shine in every category, it does what it set out to do, and that is provide gamers with a fun racing title.

Asphalt Injection is a good racing game when you break down its components. The tracks are nicely laid out, with lots of room to jockey for position. There are plenty of power-ups found throughout each stage, so if you ever find yourself low on nitro or need a few extra dollars, there is plenty to be had. There are also lots of tracks to choose from, and each track has a different theme that changes the visual style for every race. Whether you are racing past the Kremlin in Moscow or speeding down the freeway in Los Angeles, there are many different looks to this game. The game also offers gamers a wide selection of name brand vehicles, both foreign and domestic. Whether you had your eye on a Ford Mustang or a BMW, Asphalt Injection has you covered. Finally, there are many different racing modes to keep gamers challenged. There are standard races, which is a simple race to the finish, where the first car over the line wins. There is a timed lap race, where players must get to the checkpoint before time runs out. There is also an elimination match, where the last place car gets eliminated every few minutes, and the last car standing wins. There is even a race where you have to run your opponents off the road before you complete a few laps around the track. There are many ways to play this game, which should appease even the most discerning racing fan.

Unfortunately, there are some issues with the game. One of those issues is that the entire catalog of cars feel and handle the same. The only way the car significantly handles differently is by upgrading the suspension. Whether you drive a Ferarri or a Delorian, they drive the same way. Another issue is the difficulty level in the game. This title has a distinct arcade feel to it, and you rarely have to worry about anything other than keeping the gas pedal floored. This makes the game relatively easy, as long as you use the best car available to you. A more realistic approach would have given the gamer more to think about and made this game more of a challenge, which is always a good thing. The biggest problem, and hardest issue to ignore, is that this version does not really differ all that much from the iOS version of this game. It looks and plays almost the same way. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but considering the price difference between the two versions, it makes a statement.

This version of Asphalt Injection does utilize the new Playstation Vita control scheme to give players a new way to play this game. Players can have their picture taken during certain moments in a race, and you can share these snapshots on Facebook once the race is finished. Players can also use the accelerometer to take advantage of tilt steering. Simply tilt the Playstation Vita in the direction you want to go, and the car will make the turn. If you want to manually shift gears, you can tap the back touch pad for a sports car feel. Unfortunately, most of these added functions are a novelty, rarely proving to be a better option than the classic control scheme.

Despite all of its faults, Asphalt Injection is a competent racing game on the Playstation Vita. There is a lot of content to wade through, and you always end up unlocking new content at the end of the race, which keeps players engaged. Asphalt Injection manages to keep the replay value on this title high, and that is always a good thing. There are some faults, but there isn’t anything that would break the game. If you want a fun and rewarding arcade racing experience, Asphalt Injection is a good place to look.

[xrr rating=7/10, max_stars=10]


This review is based on a review copy of the Playstation Vita version of Asphalt Injection provided by Ubisoft

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