While everyone eagerly waits for more news on the PlayStation Neo, it seems that the standard PS4 will be shedding some weight. Images and even a video has surfaced of a slimmer, less angular PS4. Eurogamer has confirmed that the new sleeker console is real, even going as far as capturing it booting up. While the the video has since been removed, it doesn’t change the fact that this new version of the popular console exists.


The console is much shorter than the original version and sports an all matte black look. Also an important feature is the presence of physical buttons, which many launch PS4s had an issue with disc ejections due to the touch nature of them. Also gone is the streaking light across the body, which is a plus for those who sleep in the same room as the machine.

There is even an unboxing video video courtesy of ZRZ. The video takes a closer look at the new system and the updated dualshock 4. The controller has a small light bar on the upper part of the touchpad. While it remains to see what this will exactly do, it may come into play with the upcoming launch of PlayStation VR.


It’s wild to think that there is an unboxing video out before the console is even announced, however Sony has not confirmed the existence of this new model, but maybe we will hear more on September 7th during Sony’s event in New York. We have yet to get a price point or release date, but with these already popping up in the wild it might be safe to assume they are coming sooner rather than later.

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