Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception arrives for the PS3 on 11/1/11. Even though that’s a long way off there is a multi-player beta release coming out on 6/28/11 to whet your whistle. Some features that have been confirmed for U3 include: 2 multi-player modes (3 team deathmatch and free for all), 2 multi-player levels (The Chateau and the Airstrip, Weapon customization (not just look and feel, functionality too), Character customization, and kicking hanging enemies off ledges (Nice!). Also, the game will be in 3D assuming you have a television that supports 3D.

Additionally, the story is set around Atlantis of the Sands, a mythological city in the Middle East that’s been buried for hundreds of years. The main villain in U3 will be Katherine Merlowe, the head of a 400 year old secret society. Based on the trailers the characters and environments look amazing. As per usual, U3 uses motion capture technology to render characters and capture animations. When the first game in the series, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, was released motion capture use in video games was relatively new. Perhaps, the only other game to use it at the time was Heavenly sword. Now, motion capture is basically an industry standard. The additions of motion capture and voice acting into video games give games more of a human feel. As time passes video games are becoming more and more like interactive movies. Recently, Sony posted a brief behind the scenes look at the motion capture of Uncharted 3 via the US Playstation blog. Enjoy!

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