Sim City is back and it has been 8 years since “mayors in training” were able to run a virtual city.  The Sim City franchise is in desperate need of an update and refresh, and the team over at Maxis and Electronic Arts has released the games official trailer.  Take a look below.

What the video did not show is the ability to your city to be part of a region on a map.  What this means is there will be an online multiplayer component.  Finally!  This multiplayer aspect will now allow players to trade resources from one city to another, selling commodities to raise money, and even spread your high crime to your friend’s perfect city.

There is also an ability to specialize your city the way you see fit. Do you want to create a Las Vegas style city with casinos everywhere? How about a port city where multi-billion dollar shipping lanes come into your ports? All of this is possible with the city specialization options.

This time around you won’t have access to all the buildings at once. Now you will have to listen to your SimCitizens to unlock new challenges and earn those buildings you always wanted to build. The video shows off some great game play, and with the addition of multi player I cannot wait to find more about the game.

Stay tuned to NGN for more updates as this game comes closer to release.

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