Set for release on PC via Steam on June 12th, with a Mac version to follow in July, Krater is an action top-down RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. Now I know you’re already thinking that you’ve played this before, trust me when I say Krater a completely new beast all together. Yes it shares similarities with other classic titles in the genre, such as Baldur’s Gate and Fallout, but it does enough to make it very worthy of your attention.

The first thing you’ll notice when you see Krater is the wonderful art style, if I’m not careful I’d ramble on about how in love with the art style I am for the rest of the preview. But simply put it’s gorgeous, with the mix of an almost Borderlands mixed with Fallout feel it and a nicely execute depth of field effect just give Krater such a charm that it’s impossible not be drawn in from just looking at the game.

The game has you in control of a squad of three characters from a choice of four classes with an array of specializations. Taking the tried and tested formula of pointing where you want your team to walk to or attack and simply clicking. In a world centered around a gigantic impact crater from a bomb. Cities and entire nations have been built in and around the crater. Teams of ‘freediggers’ dedicate their lives to reaching the bottom of the crater in an attempt to make claim to whatever it is at the bottom, which remains a mystery. Your goal as the player is to build your team up over time taking on many of the hundreds of quests in an attempt to reach the deepest point possible of the crater.

You’ll spend time exploring towns getting to know the residents and helping them with many tasks in order to earn various abilities, weapons and objects to use in crafting. As you progress through the game, things will play out as more of a dungeon crawler as you advance deeper into the crater.

On top of all this a co-op and player vs player mode is being added in along with future large paid dlc’s containing hundreds of new quests and other goodies along with a number of free DLC’s that promise to add plenty more to an already chunky experience. I’m very excited to play the finished product and completely immerse myself in the world of Krater and see further than the limited amount of areas available in this current pre-alpha version.

You can pre-order the game and play the current build right away from their website for $19.98, and save $10, but be quick as this price won’t last forever! You’ll be given a key to redeem on Steam.

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