I’m all about companies trying out new things and I certainly can’t blame Sony for trying something new when it comes to PlayStation Home as its success has very hit or miss depending on who you talk to about it. Enter Spunland, a very different world so to speak to say the least. The press release alone leaves more questions than it answers with statements like:

Plant Spun Seeds. Watch Spun Trees blossom in the Spun Harvest, as weird and wonderful roots sprout from the ground beneath your feet. Dance, bring on the Spun Storm! Chase after the elusive Spun Rabbits, who emerge from holes where spunflowers once grew. Embrace the Spun Cycle – a dynamic ecosystem reacting to you and those around you.

Spunland is an experimental multiplayer playground that will let your virtual selves meet, kick back with, and see all the randomness that is to be had. While the home Space is free, items can be purchased if desired including:

  • Spunland Rabbit Hoppers; Bounce around Home in style – available in Spun Orange, Purple and White.
  • The Flusho Spunner Locomotive; Ride around Home on the cutest looking living toilet you have ever seen.
  • Rabbit heads & Spunland Expression Heads: Wear to express to the true Spunner within.

Spunland looks more like something out of the mind of a hallucinating drug fiend, but might prove to be fun. Currently Spunland is only available in Europe though, but I am sure if there is enough demand, it will make its way abroad. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

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