Plantronics has just released several new headsets designed specifically for gamers, and luckily, we got our hands on them for a new headset review. Plantronics has always done a great job of delivering quality products and has developed quite a reputation for doing so. We can happily say that the new RIG 600 is a great headset with a specific gaming application in mind. How exactly could this new headset suit your purposes? Read on to find out.


Sound: 8.5

The Plantronics RIG 600 features dynamic 40mm drivers in each cup which deliver a great, high-powered sound without getting overwhelmed by any frequency of sound. We found that the headset did a great job maintaining a good balance between base and treble, even under the most strenuous conditions. From a performance perspective, you really can’t go wrong with this headset. The headset also features a more open sound stage which lets you hear your surroundings better. It accomplishes this by using a lighter density foam on the earcup. Not only does the foam let in a little more surrounding sound, but it keeps your ears much cooler which is great for long gaming sessions. Granted, this headset isn’t for those that game in large crowded areas with tons of ambient sound. However, if you game at home with a relatively quieter surroundings, this headset is going to be great and will keep your head much cooler. The only complaint is the overly simplistic in-line box for sound control. There is a very simplistic volume slider and that is pretty much it. I would have liked to see a mute button or have the ability to split the audio balance between chat and game, but as it is, it works and does a nice job at that.


Features: 7.5

The RIG 600 is a fairly typical headset for something that is within its class. The RIG 600 includes an inline control box but it features a very simplistic design which is both a much-preferred application but it leaves something to be desired. This box will only allow you to control sound volume up and down. We really would have liked to see a mic mute and chat volume adjustments which would have given you more control over the headset right at your fingertips. The mic on this headset features a noise-cancelling headset which works quite well. The mic is also made of a bendable material which lets you place the mic in any position you wish. In addition, the RIG 600 comes with a cable which eliminates the mic and just patches the headset into your device of choice. This allows you to use the headset as just a normal headset rather than a gaming specific one. This flexibility is a nice option and makes up for some of its shortcomings.


Value: N/A


At this point in time, there is no pricing information available at the time of review.


Ease of Use / Comfort: 9

Due to the RIG 600 open back and light weight design, the headset is very comfortable, especially for long gaming sessions. The RIG 600 seems to have a great balance between hardware and weight minimization which is much appreciated. You could easily forget that they are on your head which is something that not many headsets feature. Most of the time, when you are going for a closed-back headset, they tend to squeeze your head a little to ensure that sound doesn’t easily escape. This is great for keeping outside noise out of your headset, but it does contribute to fatigue after a while. Luckily, this headset is nice a light and doesn’t squeeze your head which makes this very comfortable to wear.

As for ease of use, the RIG 600 is basically a plug-and-play device. Simply plug the stereo inputs into the device of your choosing and it works right out of the box. The headset has a fair amount of cord so it should reach the device of your choice with ease. There should be no need to adjust, install or tweak any settings with this headset since the factory settings do a great job at delivering a balanced sound stage, but you always have the option if it doesn’t work the way you want it too by going into your settings and configuring the headset to your taste. The headset doesn’t have many cords so you won’t have to run several wires to get it to work. It is a very simple design and shouldn’t give anyone any problems.


Overall: 8

Overall, the Plantronics RIG 600 is a nice headset for those looking for a headset that can act as both a gaming device and something to take with you on the road for personal use. It gives you plenty of options for listening to music or watching a movie while giving you a fairly light set of features for a gaming headset. This is not the headset you are going to take to a loud party or competitive space, but if you are looking for something that will get the job done and look good doing it, this is a good headset to take a closer look at. While we can’t really factor price into the equation at this point in time, we can say that the RIG 600 is a quality product and something you should consider if you are in the market.

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