Bluetooth headsets have been important to the cell phone user since its inception. Most states, including mine, bar anyone from using a cell phone while driving unless it is hands free. Most cell phone users are more than happy to plug in the headset that was provided to them when they purchased their device. However, if you are a mobile gamer than a Bluetooth headset is an essential accessory. Today, New Gamer Nation, will review the Plantronics BackBeat Go headset and how it performs for the mobile gamer.

Design: 9

The BackBeat Pro headset has an iconic design. The days where you must wear a bluetooth headset on your ear for eternity are over. The BackBeat Pro is a dual ear Bluetooth. The inner ear buds fit perfectly into your ears, and if it doesn’t the BackBeat Pro comes with other sets in the box. When you are not using the headphones, the headset has a cord that connects both earbuds. This allows you to take them out of your ears and let them hang around your neck. It feels as if you are wearing a necklace. It is truly comfortable and enjoyable to not need a set that sits on your ear all day. The only area where they could have improved the design for this device is where the volume control has been placed. It can be difficult to adjust the volume directly from the headset. The controls are very small and since the wires are not visible you must get used to where the buttons are located. Aside from the nuances, there aren’t many stereo bluetooth headsets out there and for that alone, this is a beautifully designed device. Having the ability to keep your phone in your pocket and hear your callers clearly and have them hear you is great. But what is even better is the fact that you can hear them in stereo.

Sound: 8

Volume and clarity was never an issue. All the games that were tested could be heard quite well. The headset never became so loud that it hurt my ears. The average mobile gamer will be more than satisfied with the sound quality of the headset. The set has a passive noise cancelling design, and it manages to block out outside noise well. Even in loud, crowded places, the set managed to sound crystal clear and in stereo. The microphone is also excellent on this device. It picks up your voice clearly under almost any circumstances. We tested this device in train stations, and we were still able to hold a solid conversation without much outside noise interference. We were thoroughly impressed with the devices ability to pick up and transmit sound.

Features: 10

Some headsets tend to hesitate when transferring from a game to an incoming call. Fortunately, this device does not have this hesitation. Transitions from gaming to calling were smooth and efficient. Listeners would have no clue that I was passing the time by playing all the mobile gaming classics. In addition to having a seamless switch from calling to gaming, this device has all your standard bluetooth features. There is a button to mute the mic, call answering button and pairing button. The pairing functions work exactly as you would expect and the process was painless and easy. The device is also extremely light weight and low profile. The buds sit in your ear, like any pair of ear buds would, so you no longer have to wear an over-the-ear device to get a bluetooth quality sound.

Ease of Use / Value: 8

This device is very easy to use and set up. Simply place the device in pairing mode and have your device find the bluetooth signal. Punch in the password and your device works perfectly. There is no software, and it works with all bluetooth enabled devices. This coverage will allow this device to work with just about every phone and tablet on the market today. This unit is one the high end of bluetooth devices. The BackBeat Go retails for $99.99 which is high for a device like this, but the features you get for that investment is strong. We certainly recommend you take the plunge and get this device at this price. It is well worth the investment.

Overall the Plantronics BackBeat Pro headset is a must have headset for the mobile gamer. It provides plenty of features that aren’t seen on every bluetooth headset including stereo sound, which is a must for any mobile gamer. If you listen to music or, more importantly, play games on your mobile device, you need a pair today. Please be sure to check out the full line up of Plantronics devices from their website. Today, I give their BackBeat Pro headset 9 out 10.

[xrr rating=9/10]

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