If you had any interest in going to PAX East in Boston in 2014, you would be wise to get a ticket fast. Even though tickets only went on sale today – As of the writing of this article, all the 3 day passes to PAX are sold out with Friday and Sunday availability still holding and Saturday’s listed as “LOW”.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it doesn’t seem like the recent backlash against Penny Arcade’s founders is influencing ticket sales. In case you’ve been living under a rock, some of the highlights of which includes some developers pulling out of the event entirely and most recently some media outlets also refusing to cover the event. Regardless, one would probably be surprised to find tickets available for PAX East past this weekend so better hop to it if you plan to attend!

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  • Jason Taclas

    I’m not sure if you’re posting from somewhere in the world where it’s already tomorrow, but tickets went on sale today, not yesterday. The 3 day passes went out in less than an hour