New Gamer Nation is more than just game reviews. We cover everything that involves gaming, including hardware, software and accessories. That is why when Plantronics said they were going to be at PAX East, we made a point to visit them and see what they have been busy with. Luckily, they have been very busy, and when Plantronics is involved, it only means great things for gamers everywhere.

They had two different products there that they wanted us to look at, the first is their new headset, the Gamecom 780. In case you missed it, we took a look at the Gamecom 777 and gave it a full review which can be found here. The Gamecom 777 was a great product, and the 780s promise to live up to its predecessor and even exceed the standards left behind. From first glance, Plantronics took this set in a completely new direction. The 777 was a rather large, rigid headset. The new 780s are smaller, more adjustable and definitely more compact. They also added some color to the cord and the cups which bump up the aesthetics. I don’t want to give too much away because you can expect a full, comprehensive review on this set coming soon.

The other product that Plantronics rolled out was a bluetooth headset called the BackBeat. This headset is meant for all those mobile gamers out there. It is a stereo bluetooth headset that connects with just about any smartphone (Android, iOS or Windows Mobile) with bluetooth connectivity. The nice thing about this set is that it is incredibly compact while still delivering stereo sound. The set has two drivers and a thin cord that connects the two, and that is it. The headset looks and works great. It left quite an impression on us. Again we don’t want to give too much away because we have a full, comprehensive review in the works for you by none other than the mobile editor PCS.

Plantronics has always produced high quality, low cost headsets, and it is nice to hear that they are focusing on the gaming community. We wish they would dive into manufacturing console headsets, but the PC versions are a quality product for a great price. If you play PC or mobile games, Plantronics has an awesome product for you. We were definitely impressed, and we know you will be too so look for our full reviews soon and for more information check out Plantronics at