Welcome everyone to the New Gamer Nation Weekly News Update. We have a news previewing the big three consoles, and an update on THQ’s financial status, and announcements. In previous weeks we would have a few announcements, this week’s NGN Weekly News Update has a record of six. So hit the pause button on your game, it’s time for the news.

THQ’s Financial Status

We finally have some good news for video game publisher THQ. After months of stories including refocusing their brand, having the company threatened with de-listing from NASDAQ, and even the Take-Two CEO saying THQ won’t be around in six months. Well, it seems as though the tide is turning in the right direction for THQ following fourth quarter sales ranging $130-150 million higher than previously expected, with projections expecting them to land $160-170 million in sales. With games like Saint’s Row: The Third and UFC Undisputed 3 selling higher than expected, the publishing company has some good news to report. I’m personally glad they won’t go under because I want to be able to play WWE 13 this year.

Microsoft and Sony Confirm E3 Press Conference Schedules

Clear up the first Monday in June on your gaming schedule because Microsoft and Sony will have their Electronic Entertainment Expo conferences Monday June 4, 2012. Electronic Arts and Ubisoft are also scheduled to have their keynotes that day as well, however as they say the card is subject to change. Microsoft will kick off the conferences first, and Sony is expected to have the last one of the day. Nintendo and Konami haven’t officially announced anything yet, but I would expect Nintendo to have their conference the next day. Konami actually filmed their conference and posted it on their site the Friday before the show, but there is no word of what they plan this year.

Here’s what the schedule of the keynotes look like so far:
Monday June 4, 2012
All times are Eastern Daylight Time, so adjust to your local time accordingly.
Microsoft-12:00 PM (Possibly 12:30)
Electronic Arts-4:00 PM
Ubisoft-6:00 PM
Sony-9:00 PM

Tuesday June 5, 2012

I think Monday is very loaded, and I’m guessing Nintendo will have Tuesday pretty much all to themselves. So stay tuned to New Gamer Nation as we will have previews, of what we expect, and break down the keynotes by all the publishers, and maybe some more up our sleeve.

Source: Game Informer

Mario at E3?

Speaking of E3, in an interview with Spanish newspaper El Mundo, Shigeru Miyamoto stated he “”anticipates that the next E3 will present a Super Mario for the new console.” Nintendo then confirmed the news saying: “In a recent interview, Mr. Miyamoto confirmed that a new Super Mario Bros. game for the Wii U system will be shown at this year’s E3 Expo. We’ll have more to announce about our plans for the E3 Expo at a later date.”

Miyamoto also confirmed he’s working on a Luigi’s Mansion for the 3DS and a new Pikmin title. It looks like Nintendo’s ready to fire off the first salvo in the new console wars in June, and I for one can’t wait to see what they bring.


Halo 4 Release Date
We promised you more announcements in this Weekly News Update and we’re going to deliver. Starting off with the XBox 360 exclusive, Halo 4. The fourth installment of the first person shooter franchise has an official launch date of November 6, 2012. For those that don’t already know, Halo 4 is not a reboot of the franchise, but is set to kick off the next trilogy in the series, and is being developed by 343 Industries, instead of Bungie.

Source: IGN

007 Legends

Speaking of legendary first person shooters, Activision has announced 007 Legends (without any official word of the next Call of Duty game, yet). The game will seemingly serve as a sequel to Goldeneye, and the story will tie in six classic Bond films, ending with the latest film Skyfall. There’s still no word which other films will be represented in the series, but it is expected to be released in the fall.

Source: Joystiq

Crysis 3
Electronic Arts officially announced Crysis 3 earlier in the week. The story takes place in the year 2047 as New York City has been encased in a nanodome, dubbed the “Liberty Dome”. Players will play as Prophet, as he tries to take down the Cell Corporation. With New York encased in the nanodome, buildings and streets are in ruin, and mother nature has taken hold. EA has also announced pre-order bonuses for the “Hunter Edition” of Crysis 3. The bonuses include the new signature Crysis 3 bow, bow attachment, and “Hunter” Nanosuit module for use in Crysis 3 Multiplayer, a bonus XP boost up to Level 5 and the ability to unlock custom loadouts early, Customizable loadout, plus get a unique bow skin and three exclusive “Hunter” themed dog tags.

While a trailer hasn’t been released yet, the official site will post one Tuesday.

Source: Electronic Arts


Bethesda has released a trailer for what could be their next big title in Dishonored. You play as a bodyguard to an Empress, Corvo, who has been framed for killing her. While imprisoned a mysterious visitor who grants him supernatural powers. Corvo will use the powers bestowed upon him to exact revenge and find out who betrayed him. The game is set in an old European/Renaissance with Steam Punk elements mixed in.

I think it’s refreshing to see a brand new I.P. out of Bethesda. Unlike other Bethesda Titles such as Fallout or The Elder Scrolls this one actually looks like a linear game. I’d like to see more out of the game to see all the other cool stuff it offers. Maybe if I pre-order it I’ll get a replica mask.

Source: Dishonored official site

God of War: Ascension

Finally this week, my personally favorite franchise of all time is getting a new installment. Thursday, God of War: Ascension was announced for the Playstation 3. Details are scarce, however, gathered from the trailer, “Ascension” will take place before the events of any of the God of War games. Other than that it’s hard to say what exactly will happen in this game. More details will be available via a live stream Monday April 30 at 11 AM Eastern Daylight Time.

Source: Playstation

That’s all we have this week, let us know what you think about any of the stories and announcements in the comment section below. Also before we go, I would like to wish a happy belated anniversary of the launch of New Gamer Nation. Also, I have received word regarding the future of the site. Starting Monday April 23, New Gamer Nation will post stories individually. That’s right, along side reviews, editorials, previews, and features, New Gamer Nation will now have a news feed. It’s one of the many ways we are growing as a site, so please feel free to comment on the stories, as that is one way you the people can reach out to us. So with all that said, game on, gamers.

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