Heyo!  In this episode of the NGN n00bcast we talk about the proposed tax on violent video games, and how all this focus on video game violence is getting out of hand.  We also talk about the new Batman Arkham game that’s due this fall, Assassin’s Creed 4 and the new hero and time period it’s going to have,  the end of G4 and why we’re sad to see it go, the Hitman movie reboot with our favorite actor, and the rumor that the next gen Xbox will require a constant internet connection and ban used games.

As my boy Kuato said… Open your mind!

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  • DSB_IV

    I can see the tax hurting the developers as well as the consumer because if it discourages people from buying a certain game because of the cost, the publisher might give less to the developers. 

  • I see the tax as driving business away from CT. Why buy games for 10 bucks more in CT when you can go to New York, Mass or Rhode Island. I can even see the Indian reservations getting into video game sales. I also don’t think that the tax is a good idea no matter where the money goes. If you want to give money to a good organization then that should be your choice, not because someone is making you do it over something that is completely unproven and unfounded. Allowing them to place a tax on games is saying that there is something wrong with games and that just isn’t true.