Yo yo yo! Wassup everybody and welcome to numma 24 of the NGN n00bcast! (Dang, this SFEX3 music is just too good) We open this week after some salt was sprinkled on Steve from a LoL match and we transition right into an update of this week’s big videogame news topics. Regret buying a PS Vita? I don’t but I would get salty if the PS4 would bundle it cheap. Helluva steal if this rumor proves true. Sega might go property shopping across the Atlus. Hell maybe they’ll buy Sony All-Stars while they’re at it. Tomb Raider gets some sequel lovin’. We close off the podcast speaking about regret. Systems we regretted buying! Do you have any systems you wish you hadn’t bought for any reason? You might be surprised with what you hear. [Wii excluded, NOBODY wants to own a Wii again]

Winner, winner, Robot Chicken dinner.

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Show Notes:

Intro/Outro: DJ Cutman (Please check his site to listen and purchase the awesome music here)

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