Yo yo yoooo! Welcome to the party, friends! This week we talk about something other than a new console for the first time in forever. Wait, there are other things going on in this world? Yup. Well, new things like a new Halo game for Windows 8 mobile. Things like a new Wikipad tablet perfect for a new wave of mobile gaming. Did you know EA might be turning a new leaf for the good before our very eyes? And, you know DroppinLoot, aka Thunder Cookie, can’t go 15 minutes without mentioning MMO news. Though, Blizzard lays out some bad news about a delay (surprise), the new FTP Marvel Heroes game looks real legit.

Come on in, the water’s warm!

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Show Notes

Intro/Outro: DJ Cutman (Please check his site to listen and purchase the awesome music here)

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