From PAX Prime 2012 comes to us an all new The Last of Us gameplay demo. In the demo, developer Naughty Dog does a great job of keeping the gameplay they show in the same area, but they take us through a few different routes, letting the player know there are multiple ways to complete each area. In other words: the world is your playground.

In this new demo, it starts off at the same starting point as the E3 demo back in June, but with a few tweaks. Joel and Ellie are having a conversation and interacting with eachother in such a unique way that makes the characters feel real and believeable. The characters work together to climb obstacles, gather up equipment, and help one another against other survivors. You can watch the PAX Prime 2012 demo down below.

To tell you the truth, I have never been this excited for a title in my entire life. It seems Naughty Dog is not a developer to play around, and wishes to bring us the very best. Tell us what you think of The Last of Us, a Playstation 3 exclusive, down below in the comments.



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