Stage 4 of all new Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is arriving to a console near you. Villains being this stage’s focus. Naughty Dog has included over sixty items for the UNCHARTED villains. Everything below will be available on Tuesday, September 4 for US territories and September 5 for EU territories. Asian territories will receive Stage 4’s downloadable content during a normal Playstation Store update later on.

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Name Image Description In-Game Reward Price
Merc Gloves, Soldier Gloves Custom Villain Yes $0.99
Tough Gloves, Worn Gloves, Thick Gloves, Leather Gloves, Reinforced Gloves Custom Villain Yes $2.49
Heavy Gloves, Fingerless Gloves, Combat Gloves Custom Villain Yes $1.49
Dead Agent Skin Dead Agent Yes $0.99
Desert Talbot Skin Desert Talbot Yes $0.99
Genghis Khan Skin Genghis Khan Yes $0.99
Marlowe Skin Katherine Marlowe Yes $0.99
Rameses Skin Rameses Yes $0.99
Salim Skin Salim Yes $0.99
Skelzor Skin Skelzor Yes $0.99
Suited Marlowe Skin Suited Marlowe Yes $0.99
Talbot Skin Talbot Yes $0.99
Young Marlowe Skin Young Marlowe Yes $0.99
Leather Boots, Camo Boots Custom Villain Yes $0.99
Sandals, Laced Boots, Sneakers, Light Boots, Leather Sandals, Hiking Sneakers Custom Villain Yes $2.99
Hiking Boots, Mountain Boots, Heavy Boots, Combat Boots Custom Villain Yes $1.99
Camera Helmet Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Camo Helmet Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Dive Helmet and Goggles Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Emblem Hat Custom Hero/Villain Yes $0.49
Emblem Helmet Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Emblem Mask Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Flight Helmet Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Gas Mask Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Ghillie Gas Mask Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Helmet Face Scarf Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Helmet, Skull Face Scarf Custom Villain Yes $0.99
Worn Beanie, Common Mask, Winter Hat, Hat Scarf, Face Scarf, Camo Cap Custom Villain Yes $2.99
Camo Face Scarf, Headphones, Patterned Face Scarf, Dust Storm Face Scarf Custom Villain Yes $1.99
Sharp Sunglasses Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Tailored Face Scarf Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Eddy Raja Gold Glasses Eddy Raja Yes $0.49
Harry Flynn Bandit Mask Harry Flynn Yes $0.49
Marlowe Goggles Katherine Marlowe Yes $0.49
Marlowe Head Wrap Katherine Marlowe Yes $0.49
Rameses Cowboy Hat Rameses Yes $0.49
Salim Goggles Salim Yes $0.49
Suited Marlowe Fancy Hat Suited Marlowe Yes $0.49
Suited Marlowe Half Mask Suited Marlowe Yes $0.49
Talbot Cowboy Hat Talbot Yes $0.49
Talbot Long Nose Mask Talbot Yes $0.49
Young Marlowe Beret Young Marlowe Yes $0.49
Young Marlowe Stylish Glasses Young Marlowe Yes $0.49
Lazarevic Assault Helmet Zoran Lazarevic Yes $0.49
Ghillie Pants Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Patchwork Pants, Common Pirate Pants, Explosive Pirate Pants, Camo Pirate Pants, Formal Pirate Pants Custom Villain Yes $2.49
Merc Pants, Covered Merc Pants, Armored Common Pants Custom Villain Yes $1.49
Camo Vest Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Emblem Merc Shirt Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Ghillie Suit Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Merc Armor Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Merc Vest Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Plain Armor Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Explorer Shirt, Camo Shirt, Merc Shirt, Bandolier Closed, Leather Jacket Custom Villain Yes $2.49
Rebreather Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Rocket Backpack Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Emblem Shirt, Heavy Bandolier, Bandolier Open Custom Villain Yes $1.49
Bandit Boots Custom Villain No $0.49
Bandit Gloves Custom Villain No $0.49
Bandit Hat Custom Villain No $0.49
Bandit Pants Custom Villain No $0.49
Bandit Shirt Custom Villain No $0.49
Desperado Boots Custom Villain No $0.49
Desperado Gloves Custom Villain No $0.49
Desperado Hat Custom Villain No $0.49
Desperado Pants Custom Villain No $0.49
Desperado Shirt Custom Villain No $0.49



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