Today, Ubisoft announced the first content expansion for the online free-to-play shooter, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online. Entitled, Arctic Pack, players will get access to a new Conquest mode map, Tomsk-9, as well as six new weapon variants, three new headgear variants and 2 new body armor variants. The DLC will be available on September 12th.

A Detailed List of Content includes:

• Tomsk-9 map

• 6 Arctic Camouflaged Weapon Variants
o L86A1 IW ALP Light Machine Gun
o MK 16 CQC ALP Assault Rifle
o P90 SD ALP Sub-Machine Gun
o M-200 SD ALP Sniper Rifle
o NC2000 C ALP Shotgun
o USP 45 ALP Pistol

• 3 Arctic Camouflaged Headgear Variants
o OCF-FL2 Helmet ALP (for the Assault class)
o ECW-G5 RS Hood ALP (for the Recon class)
o CBRN-L4 Headgear ALP (for the Specialist class)

• 2 Arctic Camouflaged Body Armor Variants

The Arctic Pack will be available for Ghost Recon Online players on September 12th. All items are available for purchase in-game via both game (Requisition Points) and premium currencies (Ghost Coins). The Arctic weapon variants will be available for a 2 week period, while the Arctic headgear and body armor variants will be available on a permanent basis in the in-game Store.

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