After an impressive display at their E3 press conference, pitting world champion gamers against eachother, Ubisoft are set to start closed beta testing of their latest E-Sports FPS title ShootMania Storm.

You can register for the closed beta right now at Registration closes on July 2nd, followed soon after by the servers coming online for a full seven days of closed beta shooting.

The closed beta will feature seven game modes, including the Elite game mode that we saw at E3. These will be:

  • Joust – 1v1
  • Elite – 3v3
  • Siege – 5v5
  • Melee – FFA
  • Royal – FFA with the dome over the map shrinking
  • Battle – Team vs. Team, no size restriction
  • Time Attack – Perfect for training

Ubisoft have also released a new trailer for the game, emphasising the E-Sports theme, which you can checkĀ  out

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