If you think you’d be able to sneak in and grab a WiiU on launch day, you may have to think again. WiiU pre-orders have been selling out across the web and they have been doing so, quickly. Check the status of your favorite online retailer below.

  • Gamestop sold out of the Deluxe version both online and in store in less than 24 hours (the Basic version is still available)
  • Best Buy is sold out of the Deluxe version as well but the basic is still available
  • Toys R Us is not taking any more orders online at the moment
  • Target is not taking any more orders online at the moment
  • Sears is sold out
  • K-Mart is sold out
  • Wal-Mart appears to have stopped taking online orders

Is this a sign of things to come? Surely, the first year this system is on the market, it will sell out, but this seems almost a little early for that. Any ideas?

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