Back in 2011, we were shown some gameplay footage of Bethesda's project, Prey 2. It looked like DICE's Mirror's Edge with an enhancement on so many other things, and managed to impress me and so many other people. Mirror's Edge was a ton of fun, but it failed to get some elements across. Gunplay, for instance. Prey 2 captures the feeling of Mirror's Edge parkour, and gets the gunplay down pat as well. It looked like a game I w

anted to buy, but there have been some..complications in the development of the title.

Although the game has been delayed several times, Bethesda tells us that it has not been cancelled. As of now, it just doesn't meet their “quality standards”. The game looks great and it'll be worth the wait. You can watch the E3 showing from E3 2011 below. Tell us what you think of Prey 2, and whether or not you'll be purchasing it after this lengthy wait.



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