Word broke out on The Verge yesterday about Ouya, a new system in development that’s sure to shine a new light on the industry. An all-star cast of developers and business people are involved in the project, from Yves Behar, designer of One Laptop Per Child, to Julie Uhrman, ex-IGN executive.

The system is due to run on Android, and will be an open book for anyone who wants to develop software for it, the Ouya is “built to be hacked”. Every retail sale of the system will couple with a dev kit, so who knows what oppertunities will await us when this thing hits the shelves, or better yet, what will be available to us a few months in. All software available for the Ouya will be free of charge, so we can surely expect a wide variety of games, as well as useful software such as emulators, web browsers, media players, etc. We do not yet know what the specs of this system will be, so for $99 we don’t know how much of a punch it’ll pack, but I think as long as it has full HD visual output, a large internal HDD and enough power to run certain emulators 100%, we won’t hear many complaints. One of the preview images below shows possible support for Madden NFL ’12, and if the Ouya can actually run that game and it’s not there for promo purposes, it should be an absolute bargain at $99.

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  • Sean

    I might buy this just for emulators. Playing classic games on a touch screen or on a keyboard just doesn’t work, let’s be honest. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with emulating a game that wouldn’t make the developers money if I bought it.

  • Joe McGowan

    I’d have to agree, if it can upscale to HD I’d probably use it instead of my PS2/SNES/GCN and emulate the games I actually own, as long as it works just as well and the controller’s good.