In his five page intervie

w with Gamasutra, David Cage discusses casting Ellen Page and keeping character designs consist and uniform. From there, he discussed his vision of story telling, his auteur-like freedom of vision, indie games, predecessors and influences by French game studios, as well as his transition from music to directing. He then discussed writing for women and women playing Heavy Rain. He then finishes up discussing the value of a choice narrative, different video game palettes and talking to other developers about his game.

Cage really seems to have learned a lot from the Hollywood process. His inspiration, auteur theory and aggressive pursuits for casting seems to have paid off. All that seems to be missing is a Rango
-like motion capture situation, where the actor/actress interacts with the environment as if it were a French film completely controlled by the actors. Here's to hoping that his next project will be Pulp Fiction and not Heaven's Gate.


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