Game Arts, the developers behind Ragnarok Odyssey and Dokuro, is working on a new action-RPG called Picotto Knights. According to the official site of the game, Picotto Knights will be a free-to-play title and features up to four player online co-op. Players can go solo and play with AI-controlled counterparts or invite four other co-op party members. If you manage to get four other players and one drops out, it will be replaced by an AI player keeping the four player dynamic constant.

The combat will be real-time and presented in a side-scrolling perspective. Players control a soldier called a cocoroid has many customization options in terms of skill-sets, appearances, and weapons handling. The game offers up to eight different kinds of weapons for the cocoroid to wield, ranging from spears to bowguns.

The game will be released on the PS Vita. There is currently no release date announced for the RPG. Hopefully, this makes its way to the West to take the place of the cancelled Dungeon Defenders.

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