The Final Fantasy XIII setting has been dominating Square Enix lately and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.   Specifically, the focus seems to be entirely on Lightning.  She was the star of Final Fantasy XIII,  an important character in Final Fantasy XIII-2, and also had her own DLC titled Requiem of The Goddess.  Could there really be more in store for this character?  Apparently so, because on September 1st, at the Square Enix 25th anniversary, they plan on releasing some new information about the new direction for Lightning’s story.   It’s hard to say for sure what it might be, but it could range from a DLC, to a novelization, or possibly another entire game (although highly doubtful).  But would anything really be surprising at this point?  Remember, Square Enix has already purchased the domain rights to Final Fantasy XIII-3, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.  Either way, the world waits to see what this ‘next direction’ could be.

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