There was a rumor flying around the web that Final Fantasy Versus XIII was dead.  Kotaku stated its development was canceled and Square Enix, instead of making a statement, was going to slowly let it die away.  This seemed completely possible in restrospect since this game was announced back in 2006, which is when Final Fantasy 12 was released. That’s how long this game has been in development and since we barely hear anything besides the odd trailer or news update, it wouldn’t be that shocking to know it was canceled.

Nevertheless, Square Enix‘s CEO Yoichi Wada stomped out these flaming rumors spreading across the web through a tweet.  Although it’s been translated a couple different ways, the generic theme seems to hold the same meaning. He laughed at the fact that there were rumors of Final Fantasy Versus XIII being dead and claimed to have just stepped out of a meeting involving the game. He also goes on to say that the city they were working on was incredible. This seems to prove that some hard effort is still being put into the game, making the rumor that it was dead completely false. Stay tuned to NGN for all the latest news.

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