Back in the start of May, Major Nelson revealed, that “Inside Xbox”, the team behind such popular shows like SentUAMessage and NExUS, had been cancelled by Microsoft to ‘invest our talent and resources wisely’. Many people, outraged by this sudden¬†cancellation, asked about what will happen to the team and their future – with everything up in the air. It now seems that everything is coming back down, with indiegogo helping them. As of today, the project is currently funded.

Some members of the team (Ashley Denton, Gareth Wild & Dan Maher) have decided to create a brand new show, currently called ‘ProjectPossum’¬†a show hoping to replicate their clever charm and wit, whilst informing and entertaining. It features current news and topics in the video game industry. Maybe you haven’t sampled their ingenious comedy – but do not fret, people! Below is the FAQ video with Dan Maher detailing what is happening with their ‘new found freedom’ – which I highly reccomend a watch, to see them slate xbox (their previous employers)

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