Last year it was announced that Command & Conquer Generals 2 would be developed by BioWare as their next project, it feels like its been a decade since anyone's heard anything new about the game up until this point. EA has announced at Gamescom 2012 that Generals 2 will be releasing under the simple title of Command & Conquer, this is not to say that Generals 2 is no more; it will still be the same game that was announced last year and will still be developed by EA's Victory Games whilst still under the BioWare Label.

Not only will the new Command & Conquer game be released for free but will also be apart of a new digital platform for where all fa

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ns will be able to access the entirety of the Command & Conquer universe, first starting with Generals and continuing along with more games to follow including Tiberium and Red Alert. Command & Conquer will be developed upon the Frostbite 2 Engine, most known from the Battlefield series of games and will emphasis a triple A experience for free.

John Van Caneghem, General Manager of EA states “For nearly two decades, this franchise has existed as something you buy; now we are creating a destination where our fans will be able to access the entire Command & Conquer universe they love, starting with Generals and continuing with Red Alert, Tiberium, and beyond. With Frostbite 2, we are able to keep an emphasis on the AAA quality our consumers expect while staying true to the RTS gameplay they know and love—all available online for free.”

If you're interested, beta access for the game will also be available to players to sign up for at


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