In the Playstation Blog's last update, they filled us in about Playstation Plus's move to the Playstation Vita. Now, weeks later, they tell us that the hit game Borderlands will be available on the instant game collection for Playstation Plus subscribers, just in time for the upcoming release,

Borderlands 2. Not only will the full game be free, Playstation is having a deal for some of Borderland's downloadable content to be available for half the retail price. The Playstation Plus update will also include deals on games like Spelunky, and more.

This beefy update will take place on September 4th for those of you paying monthly for PS Plus. Tell us what you think of the update in the comments below.



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  • ArthouseConverter

    Is that enough though? Playstation has offered outdated games since they were hacked and even though, I’m a retro gamer, the marketing has not helped much.