Have you beaten Borderlands 2 and are looking for a reason to keep playing? Or maybe you want to bring a friend or loved one into a co-op game with you? Well, on October 16th, Gearbox will be releasing a fifth class to the game. If you preordered the game, she will even been available for free. Head to the official Borderlands 2 website to view Gaige’s skill tree and play around with where to place skill points.

Like every other playable class in the Borderlands universe, the Mechromancer, Gaige, has three skill tress (Best Friends Forever, Little Big Trouble, and Ordered Chaos) along with and “Action Skill.” Gaige’s action skill is her ability to summon “Deathtrap,”  which is basically a much MUCH more badass version of Claptrap that floats and shoots lasers from its face; sounds awesome.

Gearbox Software wants to make sure that you put you Mechromancer to good use and the first batch of story DLC for the game should be announced sometime soon. There will  be four separate story based DLCs released by next spring and possibly more down the road (along with even more character classes?).

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