When the Assassin’s Creed III Boston demo was shown to public audiences, I was already sold. Whether we are debating about the visuals, or combat, ACIII looks fantastic. After I was immensely impressed by the Boston demo, it not only amazed me, but got me excited to see more from this engine, and the limit to its abilities. As if Ubisoft read my mind (And I am sure many others got to thinking, as well), they released a new video showing off the capabilities of their new engine that will be used with the final product, AnvilNext.

AnvilNext appears to be changing the style of Assassin’s Creed games greatly, but all of these changes being tremendous improvements. This new engine has the power to change the weather and accustom to each of the four seasons, make the player’s movements feel smoother and more diverse, making Connor (Main Character) ‘the most detailed action third-person character ever created’. Take a look:

Using their excellent talent with commercializing their games, Ubisoft managed to blow away many gamers, including myself.

Assassin’s Creed III will be released on October 31st of 2012, on the Playstation 3XBOX 360, and PC, using this magnificent new engine known as AnvilNext.


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