Are you an iOS gamer who can’t stand button free controls?  Well good news, Apple has just published a patent for a physical controller that will be able to work with your iOS device.  The patent, filed back in March, reveals details about a dual-analog controller very similar to Sony‘s PS3 DualShock controller.  According to the patent, the controller will be able to connect with various iOS devices (iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, etc) via RFID or near-field communication protocols.

Does this mean console gaming could be coming to the iOS?  Apple‘s standalone media receiver, Apple TV, already has the ability to wirelessly stream iOS games from the iPad or iPod touch.  A simple upgrade could be all that’s needed to convert the box into a full on game system.

The patent also shows an iPhone being used as a universal remote that can control existing video game consoles.  This feature somewhat resembles Microsoft‘s SmartGlass technology that was revealed at E3 earlier this year.  As with most patents filed by Apple, this technology may never see the light of day so we’ll have to wait and see what happens.


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