^THIS GUY has a job

Fear not, X-Play fans! GameIndustry reports that Adam Sessler will be joining Discovery Communications’ Revision 3, working with hosts Anthony Carboni, Tara Long and Max Scoville.  Sessler states:

“”I cannot overstate how excited I am to be joining Revision 3. My desire to create innovative video content that addresses the game industry, in this period of rapid evolution, could not find a better outlet. Nowhere else could I indulge my need for unvarnished opinions on the game industry and appetite for irreverent fun. This may be a new beginning but I already feel right at home.”

Ryan Vance had this to say about Adam’s employment:

“I had the pleasure of working with Adam for many years, most notably on the creation of ‘X-Play’ and can speak first-hand about his extensive creativity, expertise and stellar reputation in the gaming industry. We look forward to adding Adam’s creative vision to our existing gaming content and supercharging the Rev3 Games channel.”

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