After months of speculation, it has now been revealed by Capcom that Resident Evil 6 will feature a campaign dedicated to Ada Wong. The campaign will be unlocked after the completion of the other 3 campaigns. This will do wonders for the story since she is presented as the games antagonist. Hopefully it will offer us a more in-depth explanation as to what happened to her after the events of Resident Evil 4, and offer a new perspective to the actual Resident Evil 6 story.

The gameplay looks promising as it has more of a survival horror base while still having several close encounters with whatever the C-virus has produced. It will also be the only single player campaign to feature in the game.

Also, fans will be able to mix up their Co-op teams with a new crossover feature will allow you to select different characters when the different campagins interact. Players can also take control of zombies, J’avo or other creatures after any chapter has been completed and give you the chance to kill whoever/ whatever you like!

October 2nd needs to hurry up!



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