Hi-Rez Studios is celebrating the world not ending with a large content and feature update to their action online game SMITE.

Today’s update to SMITE Beta includes:

  • Introduction of first Mayan God – Xbalanque, The Hidden Jaguar Sun
  • New Limited Availability Holiday skins – Jingle Hel and “Father Chrishmash” Bacchus.
  • New Joust art treatment and map
  • New Joust queue for 1v1. ¬†Joust formerly require a Party to play
  • Match of The Day – A special themed mode that is different each day.
  • Conquest Map Layout & Art Changes
  • UI enhancements including new God Selection Screen
  • Includes a new stat category, “Focus”, that scales up Utility-based abilities – crowd control, heals, buffs and debuffs
  • Additional ways to customize your god build within each match via stats in addition to items
  • Visual outline around characters. ¬†With user option to enable/disable
  • Domination Game Mode changes and improvements
  • Arena Game Mode changes and improvements
  • Merged Conquest Queue (Novice, Normal and 5v5 all one queue now; 4-person teams can now queue).

Check out the video below for a closer look at Xbalanque and stay tuned to New Gamer Nation for more information.

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