Video game advocates have been fighting for years to convince the masses that video games are good for you with hand eye coordination or educational benefits being two of the key arguments. Well today Ubisoft has announced that a new national study by the Research Strategy Group found that using Rocksmith is in fact the fastest way to learn how to play a real guitar.

We’re thrilled with the results. These studies confirm our view that Rocksmith is a huge success at teaching players real guitar skills that are highly effective and enjoyable and will last them a lifetime.

– Tony Key, US senior VP of Sales and Marketing at Ubisoft.

The study included hundreds of participants across New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas and supported the findings from a consumer survey by Toluna Group indicating that 95% of Rocksmith players say it improved their guitar skills. Think of Rocksmith as the Rosetta Stone for learning how to learn the language of playing a guitar. So if you are looking to learn or improve your shredding skills, pick up your copy today and add to the 1.4 million copies which have been sold worldwide since its initial release back in October 2011.

Just in case you think Rocksmith is old and doesn’t seem relavant anymore, Ubisoft wants to assure you that they will have some “exciting Rocksmith news” which will be revealed at E3 next week (June 11-13).

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