*Spoiler Alert* Minor spoilers ahead.

God of War: Ascension only came out a day ago, but it already has the internet buzzing because of something discovered within the game. This something happens to be a painting located within a side room in Chapter 6: The Cistern.

The painting itself is not what’s important, but it’s the text directly underneath the painting that’s grabbing everyone’s attention.

As you can see in the picture above, the painting contains a striking portrait of Mt. Olympus with a message underneath it that reads,

Of all the prophecies I have seen, this one haunts my dreams.


The full truth of this nightmare yet remains hidden. – Aletheia

The message is somewhat of a head-scratcher, but popular belief was that the middle line is code for something.  Sometime after the discovery, some clever gamers were able to decipher and translate the code.  The code translates to SUN BIRD BULL LION SUN. The code differs depending on the language you’re reading, but what doesn’t differ is the translation.

There are guesses that the code could be a password for a puzzle or feature within the game, but nothing has been found so far. Since no one has found a place to input the code people are now beginning to hypothesize that the translation may be referring to the future of the franchise. These hypotheses suggest that the words SUN and BIRD refer to a phoenix or the Egyptian Sun God Ra and could mean that the next God of War game will take place in Egypt (by the way bulls and felines were considered sacred in Egypt).

Another hypothesis is that the translation is in reference to the Zoroastrin deity Mithras. Mithras was a warrior born from the dirt who served as a both a Sun God and a God of War. It is said that Mithras brought life to humanity after spilling the blood a great bull. Mithras was a Persian God that was eventually adopted by the Greek.


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  • Grpeephole303

    You solve the puzzle and it changes the image… man you should do some better reporting

    • That literally does not change any of the facts displayed in the article. The picture may change but it doesn’t change the message and that is what the article is reporting on.

      • mike

        It kind of does change the facts since the message is just the order of the symbols you have to press on the floor. The real message is what it says when you press the symbols.

  • Mike

    step on the corresponding symbols and press r1 on each of them. the painting changes with each symbol then it shows what looks like the earth being hit with a comet and says “when the earth stops, the journey begins…” Hey, at least you got halfway there.