Gather around the fire (or something) for some Holiday cheer (or not) in Metro 2033!

Topping off the news of Red Orchestra 2′s free weekend comes another dreary, depressed psuedo-Soviet freebie: Metro 2033, courtesy of THQ.

All that’s required to nab the free game is to log into facebook and hit the “Like” button on THQ’s official Metro page.  Assuming that supplies last, the giveaway is set to run until Christmas Eve.

This  promotion is just the latest in a series of financial stunts that has THQ struggling to win back consumers after a disappointing year. The THQ Humble Bundle has just ended, but the publisher will soon be selling a similar assortment of games on Amazon for $7.50 starting Sunday. Of course, it’s all in the interest of raising awareness over Metro: Last Light, which THQ delayed by a few months for extra polish (along with a few other big-name titles).

It seems that THQ is hedging its bets on a strong first quarter for 2013, and is bending over backwards to attract customers in the mean time. Though the company may be in bad shape, it feels pretty good to be a consumer amidst their hardships! Consider it guilty pleasure.

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