Nintendo has released a new trailer displaying the two “Mega” evolutions of Charizard in the upcoming Pokemon titles Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Mega evolutions are new additions to the series which elevates an already fully evolved Pokemon to an even higher power and evolution.

These evolutions are only in-battle, and the boosted Pokemon will return to its normal evolution after the battle has concluded. Charizard can be Mega evolved if the player has Charizardite X or Y, with each respective Pokemon title getting the Charizardite with their corresponding letter.

The Pokemon X Charizard changes drastically from a cosmetic standpoint. Instead of Charizard’s orange skin and red flames, its body turns into a blackish-grey with blue flames. It also differs from a normal Charizard, because it evolves from a Fire/Flying type Pokemon into a Dragon/Fire type. This change brings with it a raised attack damage overall.

As for the Pokemon Y Mega Charizard, while it looks only slightly different cosmetically, it offers a higher special attack, along with new abilities to raise that special attack even further.

Pokemon X & Y  release worldwide on October 12th for Nintendo 3DS. For the latest news on both titles, as well as our review, make sure to check back here at NewGamerNation.com.


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