MM in game injustice

There are so many rumors swirling around Injustice: Gods Among Us‘s growing cast that it’s difficult to parse fact from fiction in this Multiverse. To be fair, Netherrealm Studios doesn’t make it easy when details are often teased ala Martian Manhunter flying into the end of the Scorpion trailer (no wonder why gaming fans speculate like conspiracy theorists). What we are able make out from the trailer is his invisibility power that’ll lead to some interesting strategies and combos. So, while Martian Manhunter is definitely a power character, MM incorporates similar Superman abilities yet stays very much his own style of combat.

New Gamer Nation will shoot out more information once more info is available. It’s healthy to assume more costume packs will be released as well, especially due to the fact a different Martian Manhunter skin is teased at the end of this trailer. Kinda makes you wonder if we’ll see a fighter with “sub-zero” temperature blood run in their veins next…..

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