HaloDestiny.net recently posted the French OXM for this month, informing us about the changes made for the popular game mode Infection, now called Flood. You can see one of the images below, and an excerpt from the original HaloDestiny.net article.

“And the big surprise of these pictures is the new fashion Infection Halo 4 named Flood now! And yes, you play as a player now infected, both in how to play in the appearance as you can see in the images below. Of 10 players, 2 will be infected and will use claws to attack their opponents. These will also have an increased field of vision. A real pleasure The rest of the magazine does not necessarily provide much new, but the pictures are enough good qualities, and French in addition, you have the opportunity to read the whole thing if you’re interested! Be careful though the spoiler, a large part is devoted to the campaign, including a new vehicle you may well enjoy ….”





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