The CV of a former Sony employee has revealed that the company was developing Heavenly Sword 2.

Work on the title began in 2008 but has since been cancelled. The original Heavenly Sword, developed by Ninja Theory, was released exclusively on PlayStation 3 in 2007. Ninja Theory’s creative director, Tameem Antoniades, revealed that the game would have been set in Hell.

Antoniades has also stated that the scripts for both Heavenly Sword 2 and 3 have already been written. In the sequels, Nariko, the original title’s protagonist, would have returned and gameplay would have switched between her and Kai.

Former Studio Cambridge Martin Binfield’s CV has also revealed several other canned projects including a shelved science fiction game from 2o11, a lifestyle project from 2007, and The Getaway 3.

Ninja Theory have since developed Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and are currently producing Devil May Cry reboot DMC.

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