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Grizzled Veterans Podcast EP18: 2nd Annual E3 Extravaganza! + giving Donovan dating advice


A late GV is always on time! Covering anything and everything we can remember from this years comeback show. Microsoft came out swinging with the games, but Sony countered by raising the roof with pricing and anti DRM stances. Then Microsoft countered with…….well just listen and see what we have to say about it all. I also proposition Donovan (!!) , there’s some Man of Steel talk and just the overall life lessons you’ve come to rely on are there for you to soak up. Sit back and relax, while GV takes you on an audio session akin to a shiatsu massage.


Couple notes: In the heat of the moment, we totally forgot to mention Mirror’s Edge 2, Star Wars Battlefront 3 and a few other things. I also refer to the person in charge for FFXV as Toriyama, it’s Nomura. Don’t throw mud at me!

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