A couple of months ago, Nintendo announced the 2DS, a 3DS without the 3D capabilities and clam-shell design we’ve all become accustomed to.

I recently got my hands on the 2DS at Grand Rapids Comic Con, and I’m happy to report that the new device offers an excellent option to those looking for a cheaper entry to Nintendo’s popular handheld.

During my time with the 2DS, I played Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, and it looked great. Even without the 3D option, the 2DS still projects the same graphics as the 3DS, so there isn’t a loss in power.

Designed in mind for younger children to be sturdy with no little parts, the flat design of the 2DS is extremely comfortable.  A problem for many, like myself, is that the original 3DS is fairly small and can become uncomfortable after prolonged play for those with bigger hands. Since the device is flat, the buttons are spaced out more, which allows extended room to rest your hands so they’re not hanging off the handheld.

The triggers on the 2DS are also much improved. They don’t feel as flimsy as the 3DS’, and are much bigger. They also had more resistance when pressed, which is a nice touch.

Another difference between the two devices is that the 2DS has a sleep slider added to the bottom to put the device into sleep mode, since this was normally achieved by closing the 3DS.

The only detraction I had while testing out the 2DS is that it obviously cannot fold in half, thus making it almost essential to buy a protective case so the screen does not get damaged.

My impressions of the 2DS are very positive. Those who have been holding out because of price or indifference to the 3D aspect now have a great device available for purchase. Although this is designed for younger children under seven years of age, it’s still an attractive device for all ages. What is lost in technology and portability is made up in the low entry fee and durability of the system.

The Nintendo 2DS is on sale now at all major retailers for $129.99.

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