Formerly of Epic Games, Kendall Boyd has moved on to become the Chief Marketer of the Halo franchise. Boyd served as Director of Marketing for the Gears of War franchise in 2010.

To get an idea of how he got his position, let’s analyze his resume.

During his tenure at Epic, Boyd not only oversaw the marketing of Unreal Engine: key games such as Gears of War and Infinity Blade, but also managed the marketing relationships between Epic and other companies such as Microsoft, Electronic Arts and Apple. Prior to Epic, he worked at THQ before serving as Senior Product Manager at EA Sports.

Halo 4 made $220 million on launch day.

Meanwhile, Epic Games finished the Gears of War trilogy and lost Cliff Bleszinski.

Maybe he will make a football-wrestling star as the next character promotion in Halo? Who knows?

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