headshots from the heart charity event

Headshots from the Heart is a 24 hour gaming marathon to support Child’s Play charity, much like Extra Life. Gearbox Software has announced that they will be providing items for the charity auction, during which anyone will be able to bid on items. Some of the items being put up by Gearbox include:

  • A copy of Borderlands 2 signed by members of the development team
  • An exclusive Gearbox-only hardcover edition called “Art of Borderlands 2
  • Character Posters
  • A Handsome Jack paper mask

The charity auction as a whole for Headshots from the Heart has more than 10 bundles of gamer items, each of which can be bid on during the event. Gamer gear will include items from SteelSeries, Mage Studio, Cards Against Humanity, Runic Games, and more. They are hoping to raise $7,000 for Child’s Play and for those that aren’t familiar with the charity, they provide toys and games for children in hospitals.

Marathons and gaming events take a tremendous amount of effort and dedication, and the impacts are profound. Donations organized by the community make up the bulk of our raised funds, and are a valuable asset to our fundraising and our grassroots focus. We are sincerely honored by their support

– Jamie Dillion, Project Manager for Child’s Play

The entire event will be live streamed on twitch, so if you are looking to pick up some one of a kind swag, at least you know your money will be going to a good cause! Headshots from the Heart will kick off at 1pm Saturday May 18. If you want to shop up in person for the event head on over to Kwartzlab Makerspace, 33 Kent Ave., Kitchener, ON N2G 3R2.

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