final fantasy xi seekers of adoulin_logoFinal Fantasy XI has had quite the run in the now 10 years since it first launched and still has a considerable amount of people playing it. So it is always nice to hear that despite the age of a game, new content continues to be created for it.

With the new expansion, players can now become geomancers or rune fencers. Geomancers harness the elemental energies of Vana’diel® to aid their comrades and attack enemies alike. Rune fencers are versatile duelists, quick with a blade as well as incantations, and employ the power of arcane runes to sway battles.

The expansion also introduces new gameplay systems, including player-built outposts, new contract work, and the introduction of special “power spots” that are hidden throughout the environment for powerful character enhancements

If you are looking for the latest expansion, check out Seekers of Adoulin for Final Fantasy XI Online as it is now available for purchase on Xbox 360 and Windows PC. The online servers will be going live later on tonight with new areas to explore and develop, two new jobs to master, and a ton of new monsters and beasts.Pick up your copy for $29.99 or purchase the Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition for $39.99 which includes the full compilation of the stand alone game along with all four of the previously released expansion packs, add-on scenarios, and three battle area add-ons.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

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