Twisted Metal drops on October 4th , 2011 for the PS3. The extended trailer has been released on the US playstation blog, and it looks great! The gameplay looks fast paced, and the environments look beautiful. Driving and destruction are two fun activities that are even more fun together. Traditionally, the environments in the TM series have a wide range of things to blow up. Whether you’re blowing up bridges, buildings or even destroying the Eiffel tower the TM experience has always been both fun and creative.


Additionally, there’s tons of hidden content. Whether you’re playing as boss characters or unlocking hidden levels there’s tons of fun things to discover in TM. Perhaps the best part of Twisted Metal is the epic boss battles. Giant tanks, ice cream trucks that shoot missiles are just a couple examples of the crazy, demented fun that the series brings to the table. This time around the series features new levels, new vehicles (including a helicopter), and new modes. Also, the characters aren’t bound to vehicles. It’s also worth noting that if you pre-order TM now, you get Axel as an additional vehicle.

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