Let’s face the facts, when it comes to weapons few people have more damage dealing items and magic than Kratos from God of War.  Whether it be Godly possessions or relics from past champions, Kratos does not discriminate.  In honor of the release of God of War: Origins Collection (and my completion of both Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta) let’s go over some of our favorite weapons, items and magic from the God of War armory.

5. Nemean Cestus (GoW III) – This weapon is a ton of fun to use just because it is basically two giant, metal boxing gloves on Kratos’ fists.  Just the shear brutality of bludgeoning your enemies would be enough but it also gives you the unmistakable sound of flesh on hollow metal that makes it all the more satisfying.  They are quite powerful too especially when leveled up and you get the super combo abilities with them.  Unfortunately the Cestus is a little slow on the draw and the range is very limited so it only gets a low spot.  If coolness was a major factor this weapon would get top marks.

4. Army of Hades (GoW) – The reason this power is not higher is because of the casting costs but it is certainly worthy of a top spot with damage alone.  Granted when fully leveled up this takes less magic than the Scourge but the Army can be blocked and doesn’t have the range the Scourge does.  However, to overlook this power would be putting yourself at a great disadvantage seeing as this can deal out damage that few powers can.  It is the classic risk vs reward scenario but take it from a GoW veteran, this one can save you when your health is low and your magic is high.

3. Poseidon’s Rage (GoW I&II) – This particular magic would be number one but the problem is that it requires some button mashing to deal out that extra damage and you can only cast it one at a time.  On the plus side it can clear out enemies rather quickly as Kratos does a little spin in the middle of the screen.  This magic will protect Kratos while dealing damage but that isn’t enough for me to demote the Scourge.  Either way this is a super powerful magic and when its leveled all the way up, there is no stopping it.  If you are playing God of War I or II make sure to level this up as quickly as you can.

2. Gauntlet of Zeus (GoW: Chains of Olympus) – A super powerful alternative to the standard blades that Kratos wields.  The thing that makes this so powerful is that the base attacks deal tons of damage on their own but the gauntlet can be powered up with magic which deals out even more damage.  There is also an aerial attack that deals out damage to multiple targets and it can’t be blocked.  Needless to say this weapon makes the end game challenges a lot easier but it is still extremely satisfying smashing a Minotaur in the face with a giant metal glove!

1. Scourge of Erinys (GoW: Ghost of Sparta) – This is way to powerful for any character to have and that is a major reason why we love this to death.  It is basically a ball of light that follows your enemies around an beats them senseless.  Very subtle and quick to cast, this magic can deal out massive damage and it can be chained with multiple casts.  Basically you can have up to 4 Scourges attacking an enemy at once and it deals damage through armor and shielding.  Most enemies die before the scourge is finished so you can clear entire arenas on one magic bar.  Pretty impressive and hence the number one spot on our top 5.


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  • Poseidon’s Rage is a GoW magic, not a GoW II one. You can only use it in GoW II with poseidon’s urn in a bonus play.

    • Joe Marchese, Editor in Chief

      Thanks for the heads up, I updated the article to address the item more specifically.