The Playstation was one of the best consoles around because it came out in a time where gamers were ready to move on to the next level of gaming.  Nintendo was dominating the landscape, Sega was slowly fading into oblivion and the market was ready for something new.  Out came the Playstation and developers embraced the platform and we saw an explosion of great games come out for the gamers to consume.  Which 5 are worthy of a remake, read on to find out.

5. Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped– This was a creation from the crew at Naughty Dog who are now leading the charge with the Uncharted series but they came out with great games before Nathan Drake showed up.  Crash was a great character but it really didn’t hit its stride until the second game.  By the 3rd installment the game was tightened up and really became the character fans love today.  With the success of Naughty Dog and this game ported to a new engine there would only be great things to come.


4. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – Universally accepted as one of the best games in the series there is no doubt that just an HD upgrade to this game would make gamers open their wallets.  With a masterful soundtrack, great 2D graphics and superior controls there is little you can complain about with this title.  Brushing things up in HD could only make one of the best 2D scrolling games of all time, better.


3.  Resident Evil – This game was definitely revolutionary when it hit the shelves and thousands of people became fans right away.  The only thing that prevented this from being one of the best games ever made was the fact that some elements of the game were uninspired including the voice acting and the way the game controls.  I feel if you took the same game, updated the engine and the models and redid the voice acting this game could live up to its greatest potential.


2. Metal Gear Solid – Certainly Hideo Kojima’s masterpiece at the time and few people don’t include this game on their list of the top 10 games of all time.  It was really something special and just the rumor of Kojima releasing the first 3 games as a collection on the PS3 gets fans excited.  I say it is time to push these out already and give the fans what they really want.


1. Final Fantasy 7 – That’s right the infamous RPG is the one game that almost everyone wants a remake of and Square Enix continually crushes everyones dreams of seeing this game remastered and re-released.  This almost seems like this is going to happen with Square releasing re-imagined versions of Final Fantasy 1, 2 and 4 recently.  After all why wouldn’t you keep capitalizing on one of the most successful franchises ever created especially when you know people are going to buy this in droves.  Some things just remain a mystery.

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