Every year comic books and video games collide in San Diego, CA for what we all know as Comic Con.  This is the mother of all fan conventions and going there is what all people should aspire to.  Though we all can't make the trip to California we can still fill you in here at NGN so with no further interruption let's highlight our top 5 announcements at Comic Con that got our attention.

5. Penguin as a villian in Batman Arkham City – Before I saw the reveal i would have personally liked to see a different villian take the regins on this one but I am changing my tune.  The team over at Rocksteady have really outdone themselves and people are going to start expecting the unexpected out of them.  No one saw Batman Arkham Asylum being one of the best games around and now with all the reveals Arkham City is shaping up to be even better.  This is going to be one heck of a game.

4. Walking Dead the video game – If you don't know about this zombie franchise than you need to go and look it up.  The story is impeccable and I am sure the video game is going to be awesome if it is even half as good as the series.  Sure we have all seen the zombie thing done before but you haven't seen it done like this before and there have been hints of deeper gameplay than a point and shoot game typically is.  When you combine that with a telltale studio game, this is going to be good.

3. Full list of Marvel vs Capcom 3 Characters – Normally I don't get excited over DLC but this is pret

ty cool.  Capcom really listened to the fans especially with the addition of everyone's favorite lawyer Phoenix Wright.  I know its the same game but we are getting a handful of new characters as well as some new modes and enhanced mechanics all for $40 bucks.  Not too bad of a deal is I do say so myself.  For me, the bigger the better and this is a whole lot bigger.

2. Mass Effect series is getting a movie – Ok this would normally get a number one spot but because we don't know a lot about it and based off past performances video game movies are terrible.   However this is Mass Effect we are talking about and I am sure there is enough dialogue and story in the games to get a movie in decent shape right off the bat.  This is going to come down to casting so I will wait till more is revealed but I like that an RPG is going to become a movie.

1. Freddy Krueger joining Mortal Kombat in August – Wow.  Who saw that one coming?  One of the biggest horror icons ever created is going to join one of the biggest fighting franchises ever.  We knew Mortal Kombat was in for some big things when Sony gave Kratos to the PS3 version of the game but this really opens things up for Mortal Kombat and the Nightmare on Elm Street franchises.  This is one of those things that you would never thought of but now that its happening it makes perfect sense.  Should we look forward to seeing Jason from Friday the 13th, Chucky from Child's Play or Mike Myers from Halloween?  Time will tell but for now we got Freddy!


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  • Penguin is a staple in the Batman universe but the addition of Solomon Grundy just put that over the top!!!

    Can I get some dap (maybe even cash from the developer) for asking for a Walking Dead game?

    I thought Ultimate MVC 3 was going to be it’s own separate title

    I’m a little wary about the Mass Effect movie, but it’s still a while’s away

    Freddy Kruger blew my mind

  • Pilot

    Ultimate MvC is a separate title physically but the core game is the same, that was the reference. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear.